content-img-6AsbestoSafe® is a high performance, water based, acrylic, non-toxic, low VOC, tough, abuse, rust, mildew, fire and chemical resistant coating that forms a waterproofing membrane. AsbestoSafe®TopCoat can be applied over PrepLESS Primer™ to form an AsbestoSafe® GLOBAL Encasement system for management in place of asbestos-containing materials and various other fibrous materials including fiberglass, vermiculite, and ceramic. AsbestoSafe® TopCoat is excellent for interior and exterior use, and is suitable for application over most surfaces, walls, ceilings, ducts, pipes, roofing and siding. AsbestoSafe® TopCoat functions as a bridging encapsulant and securely seals and encases hazardous fibrous materials on plaster, structural steel, Transite, and Galbestos.