HVAC Specialty Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning, Glycol Removal & Installation

FS+ provides a wide range of specialty cleaning services for all types of cooling & heating equipment such as cooling towers, heat exchangers, boilers, closed loops, air- and water-cooled condensers. FACILITY SOLUTIONS PLUS is also a leader in the industry in chemical cleaning of all new and existing HVAC piping, Glycol removal & Installation. These kinds of cleanings are critical to perform “prior” to putting your system online. In doing so, all iron, copper, slag and debris are flushed out of the piping before you run your system & prevent the system from corrosion. This allows your system to operate efficiently and saves tremendous wear and tear, time and money.

  • Coil Cleaning
  • Chiller & Water-Cooled Condenser Tuber Punching
  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Air Handler, Fan Coil & Re-Heat Coil Cleaning

Cooling Tower Rebuilding

The average life expectancy of a cooling tower with proper maintenance and water treatment is 15-20 years, but in many cases a tower will need some type of help to achieve that goal. Refurbishment extends cooling tower life by 20 years at a fraction of a cost. Refurbishment or upgrades can bring a cooling towers component up to original factory specifications and add an additional 15-20 years of life.