Pipe Cleaning & Passivation

Pipe Cleaning & Passivation refers to the process of chemical removal of iron contaminates left of the surface of the interior of the piping and other parts after machining & welding. Passivation maximizes resistance to corrosion. A number of different passivation methods exists for various types of metals.

Assembled, welded and closed circuits, such as pipes, in order to be cleaned, must be flushed by circulating cleaning chemicals through the pipes.

Chemical Pipe Cleaning for New Construction

Supplemental systems are piping systems that tie into an existing system. They usually do not have their own pumps and require a set of valves and taps to hook up a temporary pump in order to clean and flush. Cleaning is imperative to make sure that you do not contaminate an existing system.

The FS Plus construction pipe cleaning staff is OSHA certified, trained and experienced in dealing with the specific challenges. Plus 24-hour emergency service capability means FS Plus can work any required job schedule. There’s nothing worse than having someone you hired, leave a project looking messy, sloppy, and dirty. At FS Plus our trained staff are fully stocked with the proper protection, so when we leave a job site, it is as clean or cleaner than when we started.

Glycol Systems

HVAC Glycol systems are filled with a solution of glycol, inhibitor and water. The most common reason to use glycol is to prevent the potential of a pipe freeze because of colder outdoor temperatures. Glycol comes in a variety of types and is normally not safe to be discharged down a drain. Our professionals are experienced in filling these systems with the proper glycol for your system as well as draining down and disposing of the glycol I n an existing system whether the system will be demoed and remodeled or if there is work to be done on the system such as install valves or repair leaks.

Glycol systems, one of the most critical systems to be chemically cleaned. A mistake made during this process will not only be expensive, but it will also cause significant delays in performing the start up of the system. Whether your facility is concerned with a complete glycol system, or piping addition choosing the right company with heavy experience is critical.