content-img-2In the past, roofs had to be torn off, disposed of and replaced when they reached the end of their short life cycle. Studies show that 42% of the CO2 emissions causing greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming/climate change, are coming from the disposal and storage of unwanted waste.
All that discarded, stored, decomposing material and added expense has become unnecessary. With GLOBAL Encasement Inc RoofCoat™ GREEN Systems demonstrated on the project in the pictures below, (Case History # 184) highlighted the tremendous cost savings by instead of doing a tear-off, disposal and replacement, the existing roof was left in place and coated over with a twenty year GLOBAL Encasement Inc. GREEN, Solar/Heat Reflective System. This system also has tremendous energy savings as well as the added cost conserving advantage of no building downtime and no personnel relocation Fees.


RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coatings

RoofCoat™ is a high solids acrylic topcoat. RoofCoat™ is used to preserve built-up roofing and flat roof systems. RoofCoat™ TopCoat creates a weather/waterproof durable and seamless elastomeric membrane for preserving existing roofing systems. Application of RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coating Systems replaces tear-offs/removal and disposal of existing roofing systems. RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coatings help reduce the amount of roofing debris deposited into landfills. With an estimated 40% of all CO2 emissions being generated from unwanted waste disposed of in landfills, application of a RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coating System will help reduce CO2 emissions while providing tremendous savings vs. removal and replacement of existing roofing systems. RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coating Systems have 83% solar reflectance which can help reduce facility cooling costs. Help reduce the construction debris generated over the life of your building with a RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coating System.The SCAQMD (Southern California Air Quality Management District) has determined that a large contributor to the smog levels found in and around cities like Los Angeles are created by the use of high VOC architectural coatings. RoofCoat™ contains zero VOC’s or DDS’. The widespread use of RoofCoat™ Acrylic Roof Coating Systems will result in cleaner air quality and reduced the overall environmental impact of non-recyclable construction debris.