Facility Solutions specializes in all aspects of painting including but not limited to:

  • Interior Painting: Painting of walls, doors & frames, columns, convector covers, exposed ceilings, gypsum wall board ceilings, and trim.
  • Stripping of existing finishes: removal of existing wall paper and wall coverings, chemically stripping of convector covers, elevator doors & frames, interior doors & frames, and window frames.
  • Skim coating: Skim coating over existing plaster / gypsum wall board surfaces. Including a level 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 skim coat based on your desired finish.


Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials: (SFRM) are wet or dry fire resistive products that are installed utilizing spray applicators.

SFRM products are available in two distinct types:

  • Cementitious (wet mixture)
  • Mineral Fiber(dry mixture)

Each preparation type exhibits certain characteristics and is intended for use under different conditions, such as interior or exterior application, restrained or unrestrained assemblies, extreme weather/high temperature, and freeze/thaw cycles. A wet mix plaster fireproofing substance, using a base of Portland cement or gypsum. Can be applied to fireproof steel for a fire resistance rating of 1 to 4 hours, for both restrained and unrestrained ratings.

Spray-Applied Insulation: Spray-Applied Insulation is a wet-spray cellulose material that provides insulation, noise reduction, and condensation control, as well as color durability and texture for aesthetics. Spray-Applied Insulation also achieves both thermal and acoustical goals, provides a solution to difficult insulation conditions, adheres to concrete, steel, wood, glass, gypsum, fireproofing, and other insulation materials.

Intumescent Fireproofing: Intumescent Fireproofing is a thin-film coating which allows architectural features of structural steel columns, beams, and braces to remain exposed, rather than enclosed with cladding or dry wall. Intumescent Fireproofing can be colored using a decorative topcoat for design aesthetics. This type of fireproofing can be applied to interior locations such as libraries, hospitals, schools, airports, transit stations, and shopping centers. Exterior grade intumescent coatings can be applied to industrial buildings, ship or ferry marine vessels, automotive dealerships, airports, and commercial buildings where exposed steel requires a UL rating using an approved ASTM 119 system.


  • Concrete Floor Shot Blasting: A process that uses machinery to blast downward at the floor steel shot which bounce off the floor and remove dirt, grease, etc and profile the floor. The shot is recycled and the removed debris is collected in a large vacuum. Use to prepare for coating applications and the installation of tile and terrazzo.
  • Concrete Floor Grinding / Diamond Floor Grinding: This process uses a motor-driven machine with horizontally spinning diamond-embedded blades that remove several thousandths of an inch of the floor. A coupled vacuum captures removed material. Concrete Floor Grinding / Diamond Floor Grinding is used for nominal leveling and smoothing out of surfaces and to prepare for coating applications. A wide variety of diamond blades are available to achieve the proper surface textures and results.
  • Concrete Floor Polishing: This process uses the same machines as diamond floor grinding except that the diamond blades are changed 6-7 times to successively finer and finer grits, resulting in an eventual ‘polish’ to the concrete. This is the same process like granite and marble is polished to a shine from raw material from the ground.  Often used in retail stores and such due to low maintenance costs.
  • Concrete Floor Scarifying: A process of using a machine with a hammer-type rotating blades that ‘beat’ the floor to remove old coatings and toppers. Causes the most profile and irregularity, and often requires diamond grinding to smooth out the floor if a coating is going to be applied.