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FACILITY SOLUTIONS PLUS, INC. (FS+) is a leader in the tri-state area for cleaning , chemically treating & refurbishing cooling towers. Cooling tower cleaning and sanitizing is not only extremely critical and an important part of operations, it is also mandated by New York State & New York City due to the Legionella outbreak. A dirty and neglected cooling tower can cause fowling, legionella, high energy costs, downtime and system damage, our trained professionals are available around the clock to service you either on emergency or pre appointment cleaning.















FS+ is a Full Service Water Treatment Company, a leader in the water treatment industry and can provide a complete monitoring system for your boilers’ waterside. Appropriate chemicals will be added to help prevent corrosion and scale. Our trained servicemen will visit your boiler on a regular basis and during his/her visit, collects and analyzes a sample of the boiler water. s-l300 bOILERBased on the analysis each month, the chemical levels will be adjusted to assure the proper amount of chemical is in the boiler. This is a year round program.
Our Seasonal Program runs October through March. We will advise the owner/manager of possible water and steam loss problems and if your boiler is dirty, we will suggest a “boil-out” be performed as even small amounts of dirt and debris on a heat exchange surface will interfere with the boilers´ built-in efficiency.